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The proper operation of the hydraulic system requires the perfect coordination of the components. If you want your hydraulic system to perform at its best, you must have a high-quality hydraulic directional control valve. Because the hydraulic directional control valve is one of the most important components, it is also a component that cannot be ignored. It can control the commutation, start and stop of the actuator by controlling the oil on and off in the oil circuit. Therefore, the importance of hydraulic directional control valves can be imagined. If you happen to need a hydraulic directional control valve, take a look at Hanjiu Technology's hydraulic directional control valve, it will surely satisfy you. 

The hydraulic directional control valve currently sold by Hanjiu Technology has 1 spool valve hydraulic integrated valve and 3 spool valve hydraulic unit valves. If you want a higher level of adaptability, you can choose 1 spool hydraulic integral valve. It has a variety of specifications. You can choose 40 liters, 45 liters, 50 liters, 60 liters, etc. If you want a compact and practical type, then I recommend a 3 spool valve hydraulic unit valve. Although Hanjiu Technology is a relatively young and innovative manufacturing company, they have made significant achievements in the field of hydraulics and automation, especially recognized by some authoritative institutions at home and abroad. For example, the quality management system certification issued by the CFL Certification Center, the Export Certificate of Conformity (PVoC) issued by the Kenya Bureau of Standards, the hydraulic motor certificate issued by Microtest, etc. Hanjiu Technology has its own design department, through independent research and development, it helps to maintain its product competitiveness and technological competitiveness, reduce the survival risk of enterprises, and prolong the survival time of enterprises. In addition, their production workshop facilities are well-equipped, with high production technology and high degree of production. 

Hanjiu Technology is currently the leader in the hydraulic components market in China. It is not only competitive in the domestic market, but also attracts the trust of a large number of overseas users. In the past 10 years of operation, it has been based on high-quality products and perfect after-sales service system. At the forefront of the industry, it can be said that Hanjiu Technology is becoming one of the most extensive and in-depth hydraulic brands in the world, standing out among similar products.

Therefore, choosing a directional control valve for your hydraulic system with Hanjiu technology will definitely bring you an efficient and practical experience, and it must be your best choice. 
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