Name and use habits of hydraulic steering units in diferent regions


Hydraulic steering units I believe that partners in the field of agricultural machinery parts distribution and maintenance are no strangers. The application frequency of hydraulic system in modern agricultural equipment is getting higher and higher. It has the characteristics of low cost, high safety and wide range of use. The steering gear plays a key control role in the direction control system. No matter which industry you are in, you should know something about hydraulic steering gear. This can not only help your business, but also help your friends.

  The same diverter has different names in different regions and applications
For example: the Middle East and Southeast Asia are used to call it Hydraulic steering unit, Steering Valve, Europe is used to call it Steering unit, orbitrol, Idroguida, North America is used to call it Hydrostatic Steering Valves, South America is used to call it Orbitrole, Orbitrol, CIS is used to call it It Насос-дозатор, etc.
Steering units are widely used on agricultural tractors. At present world-renowned tractor manufacturers such as John Deere, Case, Claas, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, MTZ, HTS, Agco, Landini, Renault, Same, Zetor, Challenger tractor, Deutz, Steyr, Ursus, Valtra, Lamborghini tractor , Lindner, Valmet McCormick, Shibaura, ISEKI, Armatrac, Tractor Kirovets, etc. all use hydraulic direction control systems, using hydraulic steering gear. As the advantages of hydraulic systems become more and more obvious, more and more tractor manufacturers such as Pronar Tractor, YTO tractor, Кировец, ХТЗ, ЮМЗ, Belarus Tractor, MB Trac, XTA tractors, Hurlimann, Kioti, Leyland tractor, Tractor BTZ , Tractor DT, Tractor UMZ, Antonio Carraro all began to use hydraulic steering systems.

  In addition to agricultural tractors, hydraulic steering gear is also widely used in the industrial field, and its function is still the core element of the hydraulic direction control system, in JCB, Kubota, Volvo, Yanmar, Bobcat, Eurotrac, BCS, Haulotte Telescopic loader, Haulotte Telescopic Forklift, has a wide range of applications.

  The above-mentioned tractor brands are the earliest industry leaders in the mechanical field. The most used steering units are Danfoss, Char Lynn, HANJIU, M+S, each with its own merits. Market's becoming ever more competitive, many people tend to look for quality and better price both. Why more and more choose HANJIU is because it has obvious advantages over other brands in terms of delivery, service, quality and profit rate. As a leader in the manufacture of hydraulic steering unit in China, HANJIU Technology has been committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality hydraulic steering unit. After years of hard work and persistence, it has finally become a professional brand in the field of hydraulic steering unit manufacturing and export. HANJIU is a young brand, but its professional requirements, the pursuit of quality, the establishment of reputation and the development concept of long-term cooperation have never wavered, and become more and more firm.

At present, Hanjiu has 12 series of hydraulic steering gears, with 4 functions of ON, OR, CN, LS, as well as multiple combinations of safety valves and overload valves, multiple pressure combinations, and the largest range covers all customers. Demand, and we are still constantly developing more new products, keeping pace with the times, and further satisfying customer needs.

  We cooperate with customers all over the world in various fields. In the process of understanding customer needs, I learned that they and their partners have encountered various problems, such as product performance that does not meet standards and processes that do not meet requirements. Fine, short service life, failure to fulfill warranty, unstable delivery time, unstable price, etc. Many manufacturers in these critical links did not do a good job of service, which led to their termination of cooperation.
HANJIU does not have all problems, because HANJIU’s cooperation philosophy is long-term stability and mutually beneficial development. Both parties are cooperative business partners and development partners. All of these are the basis for good product quality assurance. Only by ensuring quality can customers be exempted from causes. Complaints generated by quality appraisal save customers time and energy to design more development strategies, establish a good image and reputation for customers, promote sales, and attract more local customers to provide more opportunities for cooperation.
The reason why more and more partners choose HANJIU is that we have the most complete product series, OEM quality, more competitive prices, stable and fast delivery time, and fulfill the warranty in full accordance with the contract.
If you encounter problems with hydraulic steering gear, or you are looking for more OEM quality and competitive price partners, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.
HanJiu, hydraulic expert by your side!

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