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Hello everyone, what we want to share this time is: among the directional control valves, the similarities and differences between the single-control directional valve and the dual-control directional valve.


According to the control quantity, the directional control valve can be divided into single control type and double control type. The single control type means that one working position of the valve is obtained by the control signal, and the other working position is obtained by other forces when the control signal disappears (called reset mode). For example, the reset by spring force is called spring reset; the reset by air pressure is called air pressure reset; the reset by spring force and air pressure is called hybrid reset. Hybrid reset can reduce the diameter of the valve core reset piston. The greater the reset force, the more reliable the valve reversal and the more stable the work. Double control means that the valve has two control signals, and the two-position valve adopts double control. When one control signal disappears and the other control signal is not added, the original valve position can be kept unchanged, and the valve has a memory function. For three-position valves, each control signal controls one valve position. When neither control signal exists, the spool is in the neutral position by spring force and/or air pressure.


Although the working methods of single-control and double-control are different, because they are both directional control valves, the components and working principles are basically the same. The structure of both includes a valve core, a valve body and a device for driving the valve core to perform relative movement in the valve body. In terms of working principle, they all use the relative movement of the valve core in the valve body to control the opening and closing of the valve port and the size of the valve port to realize the control of pressure, flow and direction, the flow through the valve port and the pressure before and after the valve port. The difference is related to the valve port area and always satisfies the pressure flow equation.


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directional monoblock valves

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