How to disassemble a hydraulic steering units?


The hydraulic steering control unit is part of the hydrostatic power steering system.

Usually the steering unit is connected to the steering wheel through a steering column.

There are several brand of  hydraulic steering control unit we are all familiar,Such as :

Eaton hydraulic steering unit

Danfoss hydraulic steering unit

HANJIU steering control unit

Char lynn power steering

Ognibene steering unit

But do you know how to disassemble a hydraulic steering units?

Here is some steps you need to know:

1. Dismantle steering column from steering unit and place the steering unit in the holding tool. Screw out the screws in the end cover (7-off plus one special screw) .

2. Remove the end cover ,sideways.

3. Remove the distributor plate

4. Remove the cardan shaft

5. Remove the O-ring

6. Shake out the check valve ball

Well, you can check out the video, here is the link

HANJIU steering units can be easily installed on both low and high power vehicles (tractors, forklift trucks, material handling vehicles and industrial machinery in general, municipal and garden tractors, etc.) and can be customized completely according to customers’ specific needs.


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