Hydraulic Directional Control Valve Types


Hydraulic Directional Control Valve refers to the components used in hydraulic transmission system or hydraulic machine control system to control the pressure, flow and direction of liquid. So what are the classifications of hydraulic control valves? Today's editor will take you to understand.


First of all, we can divide the hydraulic control valve into three categories according to its purpose: directional control valve (such as check valve and reversing valve), pressure control valve (such as relief valve, pressure reducing valve and sequence valve, etc.) and flow control valve Valves (such as throttle valves and speed control valves). These three types of valves can also be combined with each other to form a combination valve according to needs, such as one-way valve sequence valve, one-way throttle valve, electromagnetic relief valve, etc. The advantage of their combined valve is that the structure of the machine is compact and the connection is simple. Most importantly, it also improves efficiency. According to the working principle, there are many categories that can be divided. Hydraulic valves can be divided into on-off valves (on-off valves), servo valves, proportional valves and logic valves. After the switch valve is set, it can only work in the set state. The servo valve and the proportional valve can continuously or proportionally control the data of the system according to the input signal; the logic valve controls the action of the components according to the pre-programmed logic program.


The last classification is based on the installation and connection form, which can be divided into four categories: screw type (also called pipe type), screw type, superimposed type, and flange type. The oil port of the screw-type installation connection valve is connected with the pipe joint and other components, and is thus fixed on the pipeline. This type of connection method is suitable for use in a simple hydraulic system; each oil of the screw-type installation connection valve The ports are all arranged on the same mounting surface, fixed with screws on the connecting plate with the corresponding oil ports of the valve, and then connected with other components with pipe joints and pipes; On different sides, punch holes on the manifold block to communicate with each valve to form a circuit. Since there is no need to disassemble other components connected to it when disassembling the valve, this installation and connection method has a wide range of applications; the superimposed type means that the upper and lower sides of the installation connection valve are the connection surfaces, and each oil port is on these two surfaces. , and the port connection size of the valve of the same specification is the same. In addition to its own function, each valve also has the function of a right channel. The valves are stacked together to form a circuit without pipe connection, so the structure is compact and the loss of resistance is small; the flange installation connection is similar to the screw connection , but the flange type replaces the screw pipe joint and is used for large flow systems with a diameter of 32 or more. The characteristics of this installation method are high strength, reliable connection and not easy to break.


Well, after the above understanding, everyone knows which categories Hydraulic Directional Control Valve can be divided into in general, and also roughly know that different types of Hydraulic Directional Control Valve have their own advantages. You can choose the category to buy according to your own needs. , here I recommend everyone to choose the Hydraulic Directional Control Valve products of Hanjiu Technology Company, thinking that their brand control valves are of very good quality and very cheap. If you want to buy more parts for other hydraulic systems, Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. also has them, which can fully meet your purchasing needs. Most of their products can be completely replaced by other well-known brands, and the service is also quite good, please Buy with confidence!


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