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The hydraulic motor belongs to the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system is used in various types of machinery. For example, the application of hydraulic control systems in excavators has received extensive attention. After adopting hydraulic control systems in excavators, many performances of the products have been greatly improved, energy consumption has been reduced, control performance has been improved, and it can adapt to the host machine. Increasingly complex job requirements. But at the same time, because hydraulic transmission is a complex system composed of multiple components, its maintenance and repair is much more difficult than mechanical transmission. As a professional company providing hydraulic solutions for customers, Hanjiu encountered many parts damage during the business Or direct scrapping is mostly due to failure to operate correctly, so correct judgment and troubleshooting of hydraulic transmission system failures of excavators is an important guarantee for efficient and safe work of the machine. As far as metallurgical equipment with hydraulic transmission is concerned, the normal operation of the hydraulic system is a major sign of good technical condition.


Qualified hydraulic oil is the guarantee for the reliable operation of the hydraulic system, and correct maintenance is the foundation for the reliable operation of the hydraulic system. Improper selection of hydraulic oil is the main cause of early failure and reduced durability of hydraulic systems. The hydraulic oil should be selected according to the brand specified in our matching instruction manual. When a substitute oil is required in special circumstances, its performance should be the same as that of the original brand. Hydraulic oils of different grades cannot be mixed to prevent chemical reactions and performance changes of hydraulic oils. Hydraulic oil with dark brown, milky white, and peculiar smell is deteriorating oil and cannot be used. In addition to the correct selection, clean hydraulic oil is the life of the hydraulic system. There are many precision components in a single part of the hydraulic motor. If solid impurities invade, it will cause straining of precision parts, hairpins, blockage of oil passages, etc., which will endanger the safe operation of the hydraulic system and reduce its service life. Therefore, during the refueling process, the hydraulic oil must be filtered and refilled, and the refueling tools should be reliable and clean. Remove the oil tank cover, filter cover, detection hole, hydraulic oil pipe and other parts of the hydraulic oil tank to avoid dust when the oil passage of the system is exposed. Rubber special hammer) to open.


If you need to replace hydraulic parts, please contact Hanjiu Technology Company, we have the most complete types and models: 7 kinds of motors (MM, MP, MR, MH, MS, MT, MV), from 12cc to 500cc, 500cc to 1000cc 4 kinds of steering gears (BZZ, 060 series, 101 series, 102 series), from 50cc to 500cc, 500cc 1000cc speed from 100RPM to 1000RPM, working pressure from 9MPa to 30MPa, torque from 75N*M to 3000N*M. All our products have quality certificates, and the performance is comparable to that of popular brands, and can replace most of the same models of famous brand products.


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