hydraulic pump motor


Both hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are important components of the hydraulic system and are both volumetric type.


But the difference is that the hydraulic pump is an energy conversion device converted into hydraulic energy by the mechanical energy input by an electric motor or other prime mover, and in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic pump acts as a power source to supply hydraulic oil to the hydraulic system. The hydraulic motor is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and is used as an actuator.


The hydraulic pump is composed of a check valve, a spring, a pressure oil valve, a cylinder block, a plunger, an eccentric wheel, when the eccentric wheel rotates, the plunger moves up and down in the cylinder under the action of the eccentric wheel and spring. When the plunger is moved down, the volume of the oil chamber in the cylinder block becomes larger, creating a vacuum, and the oil is sucked in through the oil suction valve. When the plunger is moved up, the volume of the oil chamber in the cylinder block becomes smaller, the check valve is closed, and the sucked oil is output to the system through the oil pressure valve.


It can be seen that the pump works by the volume change of the sealing working chamber, and the size of the output oil is determined by the volume change of the sealing working chamber.


Hydraulic pump types according to the structure of the pump, can be divided into gear type, vane type, plunger type, etc., according to whether the output flow can be adjusted, can be divided into quantitative type and variable type, according to the rated pressure, can be divided into low pressure pump, medium pressure pump and high pressure pump.


Gear pump is a commonly used hydraulic pump in hydraulic system, its structure is the simplest, can be divided into external meshing type and internal meshing type two categories.


The external gear pump has a pair of external gear with the same modulus and equal number of teeth in the pump housing, and the two sides of the gear are covered by end caps. The individual cogging of the housing, end caps and gears make up many sealing chambers. The oil suction and pressure zones are separated by meshing teeth and the pump body.


Hydraulic pump is a very important component for hydraulic pump motor, so the purchase of hydraulic pump naturally needs to be cautious.


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