Hydraulic Steering Pump


Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are important components of hydraulic systems. The hydraulic pump is an energy conversion device that converts the mechanical energy input by the electric motor (or other prime mover) into hydraulic energy, and in the hydraulic system, it is used as a power source to supply hydraulic oil to the hydraulic system. The hydraulic motor is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and is used as an actuator. Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are both positive displacement.


Today, I will introduce you to a hydraulic steering pump that I found that is worth buying. It is this Europe Hydraulic Steering Pump Orbitrol Pump 150N91098 OSPC150ON from Hanjiu.


It has a wide range and flexibility. Low steering torque from 0.5 Nm to 1.8 Nm for normal steering,  low noise level and wide control range, one or more built-in valve functions, pressure relief, shock, suction and/or check in pump connections, port threads as required and other features, in accordance with DIN, ISO, SAE or JIS standards. If you have a need for a hydraulic steering pump, this product will meet all your needs and make you completely satisfied. 


HANJIU 101S series hydraulic control unit is integrated with relief valve, suction valve and inlet check valve, different valves can be assembled freely, compact structure, more convenient, in line with European and American standards. (101S-1/101S-2) series hydraulic control unit shape, internal structure, performance is the same as BPBS1, BPBS2, OSPC, M+S HKUS, Eaton 401-1, general steering components The steering device is the same as OSPM OSPB OSPC OSPF OSPR OSPD OSPQ OSPL. It can be widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy equipment, mining equipment, etc. And it can be replaced with Eaton, M+S and other brands, the quality is extremely close, but the price is more favorable. 


Hanjiu Technology is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products. It is the first factory in North China to produce and export hydraulic rail motors and steering devices. Since 2010, the annual production has reached or even exceeded 5 million PCS. Through continuous product innovation and service improvement, Hanjiu Technology Company has now become one of the most famous hydraulic motor manufacturers in China, and has a good reputation and high status in the Chinese market. Now it is still constantly developing and progressing, upgrading the industrial chain and expanding the business scope. While improving technology, they also minimize profits, form a comparative advantage in price and quality, and strive to develop the most cost-effective hydraulic products on the market. 


If you are interested in our Hanjiu Technology products, please go to our official website for consultation and purchase! It will surely give you the best buying experience.


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