Hydro Pack HSV9 Electric Hydraulic Diverter Valve 24V - HSV 6/2-24V 90 Liters

hydro-pack HSV9 solinoid valve Series Selector Valves electric diverter valve 24V - HSV 6/2-24V 90 Liters

Directional control valves are one of the core elements in a hydraulic circuit. They help directing the fluid to different components in the system.

Directional control valves perform only three functions:

  • Stop fluid flow
  • Allow fluid flow
  • Change direction of fluid flow

There is a part called "spool "inside control valve which can be operated mechanically or electrically. The movement of the spool lets oil flow or blocks the oil flow in other words it controls the movement of fluid. Hanjiu provide monoblock directional control valves with different capacities and spool control options such as hydraulic, pneumatic or with cables/joysticks.

HSV9 valves are 6 ways, 2 positions (6/2) solenoid operated valves. They are used for selective connection of different cylinders/hydraulic motors in the application. When valve is de-energised, oil directs from D & C ports to first actuator. When valve coil is energised, oil directs from A & B ports to second actuator


parameter value
Number of Work Sections from 1 to 3
Max working pressure 315 bar
Operating pressure 210 bar
Rated flow 90 l / min
Working temperature from -30 ° С to + 50 ° С
Fluid viscosity from 20 to 400 mm 2 / s
Fluid temperature from -20 ° С to + 70 ° С
Filtration Grade 9 NAS1638
Supply Voltage / Power Consumption 12VDC * / 36W and 24VDC * / 29W
Switching frequency max 15,000 times per hour
Duty cycle one hundred%


Ordering code
     1     2     3    4    5
1.series code
2.Model type: A/B/C
3.Number of sections:1-3( Model A,B available for stack)
4.Ports size

Code Port Thread size
P1 G1/2
P2 G3/4
P3 7/8-14UNF

5.Solenoid type

   Through the ports P1 and P2, the solinoid valve  DVS6-6 / 2L diverter is connected to one of the working sections of the regular directional control valves
To ports C D - connect consumer 1
To ports A1 B1 - connect consumer 2
The management of two new consumers is carried out with one lever of a standard hydraulic distributor.
Switching between consumers - by using a button installed in a convenient place for the operator, for example, a button joystick with cable joystick or control button Remote control handles handles

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