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In construction machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, etc., low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors are often used to drive walking or lifting mechanisms. A small number of low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors are axial piston type, most of which are radial piston type. Since radial piston hydraulic motors can balance part or all of the hydraulic force acting on the high and low pressure chambers of their rotors, plus The size and mass of this type of motor are large, so it is characterized by large transmission torque and can output large power at low speed. In this way, a reduction gear is often not required to be connected to the working mechanism, thereby simplifying the machine. The inner curve multi-action hydraulic motor has the advantages of large transmission torque, small torque pulsation, small mass, compact structure and high starting efficiency. Therefore, it is the most widely used low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor.


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Next, we will focus on the inner curve multi-action hydraulic motor to discuss the use and maintenance of low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors.

In the normal use of the low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor, it should first ensure that it has sufficient oil return back pressure. Back pressure should be the minimum output pressure to ensure stable operation of the hydraulic motor at no load. Usually, the oil return back pressure value of the motor should be increased correspondingly with the increase of the speed.

Secondly, the leakage of the hydraulic motor increases due to poor sealing due to wear or aging of the seals, or the mechanical frictional resistance is too large, resulting in unstable flow and torque fluctuations of the hydraulic motor, resulting in the occurrence of creeping phenomenon. Do not work below the minimum stable speed for a long time during operation. Because the flow into the motor is less at low speed, and the leakage accounts for a larger proportion, which causes the volumetric efficiency to decrease and leads to creep. Generally, the minimum stable speed of the inner curve multi-action hydraulic motor can reach 0.1r/min-lr/min.

Thirdly, for a hydraulic motor that operates continuously, in order to avoid the excessive wear gap of the friction pair caused by the high temperature of the motor casing during continuous operation, resulting in a large amount of internal leakage, after the pressure in the casing increases, it leaks out of the casing, causing If the volumetric efficiency is reduced, it must be cooled and flushed. The flushing oil can take away the impurities inside the motor and cool the radial sealing ring. The flushing circuit should be independent of the system circuit.

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