Low Speed High Torque Motor

Low Speed, High Torque Motors (LSHT) with reliable high-power density, modularity and economic design.


High torque low RPM motors are specifically designed to move heavy parts and equipment at a slower rate. By providing a lot of power or torque at a slower speed, it's possible to apply to large or weighty objects, like :


•  Truck-Mounted Booms and cranes 

• Aerial Work Platforms 

• Winches

• Conveyors

• Grapples

• Others

• Vehicle traction drives 

• Conveyors

• Winches

• Others



Motor options include:

• Displacement size 

• Output shaft size and type

• Mounting flange type

• Porting interface

• A wide selection of 


Low Speed, High Torque Motors are extremely reliable, compact, and have tremendous power density. They provide a way to meet many 

needs for cost-effective power transmission requirements. 




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