OMP Orbital Motor


OMP orbital motors earliest are a specific brand of orbital motors designed and manufactured by Sauer-Danfoss, a company well-known for hydraulic pumps and motors.


After 2020, HANJIU OMP Orbital Motor is world-famous. Although HANJIU Orbital Motor is a replica of Orbital Motor technology, HANJIU Orbital Motor achieves affordable prices, fine quality, fast delivery, and perfect service. . .


Here's a breakdown of OMP orbital motors


Type  They are gerotor orbital motors, which is the most common type of orbital motor. As mentioned previously, these motors use an oval-shaped rotor and a fixed stator to convert hydraulic fluid power into rotary motion.


Applications OMP orbital motors are widely used in various mobile and industrial applications requiring precise control of speed and torque. Some common examples include


Construction Equipment Powering functions in excavators, loaders, graders, and other machinery like

Driving wheels for locomotion

Rotating attachments (like drill heads or trenchers)

Tilting buckets or blades

Agricultural Machinery They are used in tractors, combines, and other agricultural equipment to power

Augers and drills for planting or soil sampling

Conveyors for moving crops or materials

Hay mowers and other implements

Industrial Automation OMP orbital motors are employed in various industrial machines for tasks like

Conveyor belt drives in assembly lines

Material handling equipment

Operating robotic arms or turntables

Features of OMP Orbital Motors  They are known for their


High torque output at low speeds

Compact and robust design

Smooth and efficient operation

Variable speed control

Long service life

Wide range of available displacements and operating pressures to suit various application needs

Sauer-Danfoss offers a vast selection of OMP orbital motors, categorized by different types, variants, and sizes.


If you're looking for more specific information about OMP orbital motors, here are some helpful pointers


Model Numbers OMP orbital motors have specific model numbers that indicate their displacement (size), rotation direction, and other features. For example, OMP 160 would represent a specific OMP motor model.

Sauer-Danfoss Resources The HANJIU  website has a wealth of information on OMP orbital motors, including technical specifications, brochures, and manuals. You can search for specific models or browse by application type.

Hydraulics Specialists If you have an OMP orbital motor in your equipment and need assistance with troubleshooting, repair, or replacement, consulting a hydraulics specialist familiar with HANJIU products is recommended.


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