omr 200 hydraulic motor


If you need an omr 200 hydraulic motor, Hanjiu Technology will be a good choice. Hanjiu Technology is a supplier of Orbit hydraulic motors. Since its establishment, Hanjiu Technology has been practicing the corporate philosophy of quality first. Hanjiu Technology has many products, with various solutions, applications and motor types to meet your requirements. If you were to ask how good is the quality of these products? We can say with confidence that the motors produced by Hanjiu Technology are interchangeable with those provided by well-known manufacturers. , it won't be any problem. At the same time, the price-performance ratio of our products is also very good in the entire market. In Hanjiu Technology, you can spend the least money and get the best quality products and services, which is definitely a very cost-effective deal.

omr 200 hydraulic motor is an excellent one among many products of Hanjiu Technology. All its specifications and parameters strictly follow the existing standards. Moreover, Hanjiu Technology keeps improving and strives to make everything the best. The following is the description of this product. Some parameters and features, I hope to provide some help for your purchase.

The OMR series motors manufactured by Hanjiu Technology adopt advanced Geroler gear set design, shaft distribution, which can automatically compensate in high pressure operation, provide reliable and stable operation, high efficiency and long life. Consistent performance is important to a machine, and the omr 200 hydraulic motor will save you a lot of trouble by automatically compensating for high pressure operation. The great thing about this product is that:

1. Advanced manufacturing equipment for Gerolor gear sets, using low pressure starting,

2. Provide smooth, reliable operation and high efficiency.

3. The shaft seal can withstand high back pressure, and the motors can be used in parallel or in series.

4. The drive connector is specially designed to prolong the service life

5. The power distribution system is specially designed to meet the low noise requirements of the unit.

At the same time, the omr 200 hydraulic motor is small and labor-saving to install, which is very convenient. If you want to buy OMR hydraulic motors and Eaton Charling, M+S, Parker motors, believe me, a BMR hydraulic motor made by Hanjiu Technology can be completely replaced. Hanjiu Technology has always been committed to product research and development, so we can do it Same installation, same size, same performance, 100% replacement, and we deliver faster and at a much lower price compared to these well-known industries. If you want to get the product as soon as possible at the lowest price, Hanjiu Technology will be your best choice. In order to complete our services, we have been providing quality products at reasonable prices.


Hanjiu Technology has its own factory to manufacture hydraulic motors. And we have 10 years of overseas export experience and more than 18 years of local market experience, and we are your reliable partner. We offer international express (DHL, Fedex, TNT...), by air and sea. According to your time requirements, considering the volume and weight in detail, we will suggest you the best shipping method.

We have considered all the factors for you. If you want to know more detailed product parameters, visit our official website Hanjiu Technology. The product interface has a more detailed introduction. All specifications and parameters of Hanjiu Technology products strictly follow the current standard. Hanjiu Technology looks forward to your visit.




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