Omts Motor


Today we will introduce you to Omts Motor. It is a bearingless motor, which has many advantages. The bearingless motor is an end face distribution cycloid hydraulic motor. Adopting advanced column-mounted stator and rotor parameter design, it has high working efficiency, high working pressure, low starting pressure, stable operation, and the same output torque can be obtained in both directions.Due to its series of advantages, it is widely used in industrial and agricultural production, transportation, national defense, commercial and household appliances, medical electrical equipment and other fields. It adopts advanced stator and rotor parameter design, low starting pressure, high efficiency, and stable operation at low speed. The following are its characteristics:

1. Can withstand high working pressure and high output torque;

2. Advanced shaft seal design, high back pressure bearing capacity;

3. Advanced and reliable linkage shaft design makes the motor have a long life;

4. The advanced design of distribution mechanism has the characteristics of high distribution accuracy and automatic wear compensation;

5. The motor has a compact structure and is easy to install;

6. The motors are allowed to be used in series and in parallel, and the external drain pipe should be connected when they are used in series;

7. It adopts tapered roller bearing support design, which has a large radial bearing capacity, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism without adding external bearings.

Intermittent working pressure refers to the maximum allowable pressure at the inlet, and continuous working pressure refers to the working pressure difference. The motor should not be used at the maximum speed and maximum pressure at the same time.

The permissible duration of intermittent pressure or intermittent speed is: up to 10% of the permissible value per minute.

According to the parameters of the product, I suggest that this omts motor use anti-wear hydraulic oil, viscosity 37~73cSt, oil cleanliness ISO18/13, maximum working oil temperature 80°C.In addition, if you are going to buy hydraulic motors, I must recommend a company specializing in the production of hydraulic motors - Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. As a manufacturer of innovative hydraulic products, Hanjiu Technology was established in 2011 by engineer Mr. Han. He himself has worked in the field of hydraulics and automation for more than 15 years, and has more than ten years of experience in the production of hydraulic products. Their products are exported to the world and are well received. Over the past 10 years, Hanjiu Technology has become a leader in the Chinese market. Currently, Hanjiu Tech's hydraulic brand is becoming the most widely sold hydraulic product and one of the most professional hydraulic brands in the world. In the future, it will also become the world market leader! If you want to know more about him, please visit the official website of Hanjiu Technology Company, where there are many products that will surprise you.


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