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BM series cycloid hydraulic motor is a low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motor. There are many types of motor products in this series, including omp, omt, oms, omr, omv and other models. The specific data of each model exists between There is a certain gap, and the performance is also different, so you need to choose the optimal model according to your actual needs when purchasing. In the last article, we compared Danfoss' omv hydraulic motor and Hanjiu's omv hydraulic motor together, and analyzed their respective advantages, so let's walk into the product together today and take a look at Hanjiu's omv400 Hydraulic motor.

Hanjiu Technology focuses on the production of hydraulic rail motors. The omv hydraulic motors produced can 100% replace big-name motors such as Danfoss. You can trust the quality. In general, this low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor has the following characteristics:

• Constant operating torque over a wide speed range

• Smooth operation over the entire speed range


• High starting torque


• high efficiency


• High return pressure without drain line (high pressure shaft seal)


• Long service life under extreme operating conditions


• High radial and axial load capacity


• Rugged and compact design

The omv 400 hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu Technology has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in hydraulic wood splitters, excavators, wood splitters and mining equipment. In addition, its sturdy and compact design and relatively light model make this product very convenient and quick to install. If you still want to know the specific parameters of the omv400 hydraulic motor, then read on.

The geometric displacement of Omv400 hydraulic motor is 419cm3/rev, the maximum speed in continuous state is 500rpm, and the maximum speed in intermittent state is 600rpm; the maximum torque is 1180N.m in continuous state and 1410N.m in intermittent state; The maximum value is 47 kW in the continuous state and 56 kW in the intermittent state; the maximum flow rate is 200L/min in the continuous state and 240L/min in the intermittent state. In terms of weight, the omv400 hydraulic motor weighs 32.6 kg, which is lighter than the omv500 and omv630.

Hanjiu Technology has been deeply involved in the hydraulic product industry for more than ten years, and has become the largest hydraulic product manufacturer in northern China. Its products are widely praised in China. All this is because Hanjiu Technology insists on giving the greatest profit to distribution. We are committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective products. Hanjiu's market has never been limited to one country. They sell their products all over the world. At present, they have their own loyal customers in nearly 30 countries. These customers trust Hanjiu more after purchasing Hanjiu's products. , because Hanjiu's products are indeed first-class. All specifications and data of hydraulic products produced by Hanjiu Technology meet the requirements of international standards. They strictly control the quality of the products they leave the factory, and always adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, service first".

If you have purchased the omv400 hydraulic motor product of Hanjiu Technology, for your better use experience, the editor will give some pre-use tips here. Before starting the motor, please check whether the motor installation link is correct and firm, the system is correct, and the Check whether the direction of oil inlet and outlet and the rotation direction of the motor meet the requirements of the working conditions. Adjust the pressure of the safety valve of the oil supply line to the lowest value, and gradually adjust it to the required pressure after running. Tighten inlet and outlet pipes and drain pipes. After the motor runs with no load for at least 10 minutes, gradually increase the pressure to the working pressure, and observe whether the motor is running normally during the operation. After the inspection is completed, you can use this product with peace of mind. If it is a quality problem of the product itself, don’t worry, all hydraulic products of Hanjiu Technology have a one-year shelf life. You can contact Hanjiu Technology and report the problem, and we will provide it as soon as possible. you solve the problem.

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