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OMV series cycloidal motor is an advanced end face distribution structure hydraulic motor, the series of motors using column-mounted rotor stator pay, with high working pressure, high work efficiency, efficient and good maintenance, long working life characteristics. The important point is that it can be based on the standard structure, according to the user's needs for versatile deformation design. In order to facilitate the user's selection, Hanjiu Technology divides the Omv series motors into many different motor models according to different operating parameters: omv 315, omv400, omv500, omv630, omv800, omv, 1000. Each different model of product has its own area of expertise, you can choose the most suitable model for you according to your own needs.

The omv motor series all share several common features:

First, they are designed with advanced rotor stator parameters, which results in low starting pressure, high efficiency and good retention.

Secondly, their working pressure is high and the output torque is large. Because of the use of tapered roller structure, so the shaft, radial load capacity is strong, so that the motor can directly drive the working mechanism, the scope of application is expanded.

Finally, the fuselage adopts an advanced cross-sectional distribution structure, which makes the motor distribution accuracy high, and the automatic compensation function after wear is strong, ensuring high volumetric efficiency, long motor life, and ensuring stable motor speed and stable load speed characteristics.

The following is to introduce some of the situations in which the omf series hydraulic motor is running.

In applications without drain lines, the output shaft seal of the OMV series hydraulic motor exceeds the pressure in the return line. When an application uses drain lines, the pressure of the output shaft seal is equal to the pressure in the drain line.

Direction of shaft rotation when facing the motor shaft end: Rotate clockwise when port "A" is pressurized. When port "B" is pressurized, it rotates counterclockwise.

In addition the output shaft operates in a tapered bearing that allows for high axial and radial forces, curve "A" shows the maximum radial shaft load, any shaft load that exceeds the quoted value in the curve carries the risk of fracture, and two other curves apply to the B10 bearing life of 3000 hours at 200 RPM.

Today's sharing of omv motor is here, and later we will continue to update the introduction of different models of omv motor series products, if you are interested, please move to the official website of Hanjiu Technology Company to see more details, if you have any questions, you can also welcome to contact us at any time.


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