Orbitrol In HANJIU


The orbitrol is a hydraulic-all-fluid linked power steering control unit with a groundbreaking design. The rotary slide valve is used for hydrostatic steering. "Hydrostatic pressure (or full fluid connection)" means that there is no mechanical connection between the steering control unit, the pump, and the steering cylinder. Therefore, the design technicians of Hanjiu Technology have used its structure to innovate convenient products. For example, it can provide a variety of control valve circuit; Provides continuous, unlimited angular control action with very low input torque; Design minimizes steering linkage etc.


But even though Hanjiu Technology's products have many bright spots that are easy to operate, they are also very precise components that need to be used with care. When using this kind of product, attention should be paid to: All parts should be cleaned thoroughly before assembly, and the seals should be coated with lubricating oil during assembly. The precision fittings can be pushed directly by hand, and no hard percussion should be performed. When assembling, do not wear cotton thread and other gloves that are easy to drop wool residue, do not use cotton yarn and other rags to wipe the sealed or precision matching surface, and do not assemble in a dusty environment. After the steering gear is installed, the rotation of the steering wheel must be checked to ensure the flexibility of the return position. A return filter with a filtration accuracy of 30um shall be installed on the return line of the steering gear. The position of the oil tank is generally higher than the installation position of the steering device, and the return oil pipe is inserted below the oil level, so that the oil can be refueled or refueled when the human turns to prevent the air from entering the oil circuit; After the steering system is assembled, the test should be carried out: clean the oil tank before operation, inject hydraulic oil to the maximum amount of oil.


Hanjiu is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic motors, which has a variety of hydraulic products, such as 101, 109,BZZ series products can be used in trucks, tractors, harvesters and other mainframe. Hanjiu predicts that hydraulic products will have a large market in many fields in the future. Hanjiu has been committed to selling hydraulic products. If you need customized products, Hanjiu will customize products for you according to your requirements and provide personalized services. If you buy many products, don't worry, the production capacity of Hanjiu technology can reach 500,000 pieces. We are a group of young team, so also means that we have the latest creativity and technology, to the greatest extent to meet the requirements of customers, to provide customers with high quality products and thoughtful service is our pursuit.


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