P40 - Hydraulic Directional Monoblock Valves


P40 - Hydraulic Directional Monoblock Valves is innovatively developed by Hanjiu Technology on the basis of the original products. The valve is a one-way valve that stops the oil from flowing backwards. This hydraulic directional valve is widely used in hydraulic systems of construction machinery such as forklifts, sanitation vehicles, and small loaders. In the hydraulic cylinder, the one-way valve looks like a small inconspicuous part, but this small part has played a lot of roles. So, do you know what the main function of the check valve is for the hydraulic cylinder?


Firstly, the first function of the one-way valve is to keep the pressure in the system stable. For hydraulic cylinders, if a spool type reversing valve is used, there may be a problem of gap leakage. In this case, it can only play a role in temporarily maintaining pressure. If there is a pressure maintaining requirement, then a hydraulic control check valve needs to be added in the oil circuit, so that the pressure of the oil circuit can be maintained for a long time by means of the tightness of the poppet valve closing.


Second, the one-way valve can be regarded as the support of the hydraulic cylinder. Especially in vertical cylinders, if other types of valves are used, there may be leakage problems, which may cause the piston and piston rod to slide down. The third function is to realize the locking of the oil cylinder. Because it can tightly seal the oil in the two chambers of the cylinder, in this case, the piston will not move due to the influence of external force.


Third, the one-way valve can help achieve fast oil drain. We know that when the hydraulic cylinder is working, the effective working area of the two chambers is very different. Therefore, in order to prevent the backward movement of the piston from being restricted, we can set a hydraulic control one-way valve, so that the oil in the right chamber can be discharged smoothly.


Fourth, the one-way valve can also be used in place of the oil filling valve. For example, in a vertical hydraulic cylinder, when the piston descends at a high speed, due to the action of high-pressure oil and its own weight, its descending speed will be very fast, and it is prone to air suction and negative pressure, so a supplementary oil should be added. device.


Do you all understand the role of Hydraulic Directional Monoblock Valves? If you have more questions, welcome to the official website of Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. Their company is famous all over the world for its high cost performance and excellent service. In addition to these, they The quality of its products is not inferior to other international famous brands.


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