Why can Hanjiu Technology's hydraulic motors stand out from many hydraulic brands?


Do you think the hydraulic motor is just a plain power unit? There is no doubt that hydraulic motors are more important than you think. Without hydraulic motors, the operating speed of the hydraulic system cannot be increased at all.

Recently, many consumers have reported that the operating speed of their hydraulic systems has plummeted, and the stability has become worse and worse. What is the reason for this? If you go deeper, you will find that this is the hydraulic motor in your hydraulic system.

A hydraulic motor is an actuator that can convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and output torque and speed. A hydraulic motor with no guarantee of quality will strike at any time, which has a huge impact on the hydraulic system. So, what configuration of hydraulic motor is most worth buying?




1. Working pressure and rated pressure

Before buying a hydraulic motor, you need to understand the working pressure and rated pressure of this hydraulic motor, know the maximum working pressure and rated pressure it can bear, and consider that the pressure coefficient of this hydraulic motor is in line with the needs of your hydraulic system.

2. Displacement and flow

For hydraulic systems, fluid flow is the most important operation. Displacement refers to the volume of liquid input to the motor per rotation of torque, while flow refers to the volume of input to the motor per unit time. Both of these indexes are very important indicators to measure the speed of hydraulic motors. Before you choose a hydraulic motor, you are best to check whether the hydraulic motor you want to buy meets your requirements for its displacement and flow.

3. Speed and torque

Speed and torque are the most important criteria for evaluating the operating speed of a hydraulic motor. If you want a higher operating speed, then you can choose to buy a high-speed, high-torque hydraulic motor. This hydraulic motor has a high mechanical speed and can meet the needs of a hydraulic system that requires high-speed operation.

Knowing these important parameters, where can I buy a hydraulic motor? If you want to buy the most cost-effective hydraulic motor, then Hanjiu Technology must be your best choice.

Hanjiu Technology is a manufacturer of independent research and development and production of hydraulic motors, with its own technology patents, not only the quality is excellent, but the price is also very affordable. Many consumers come to buy hydraulic motors such as oms 500 hydraulic motor and oms-395 motor of Hanjiu Technology. In an instant, Hanjiu's hydraulic motor became a hot-selling hydraulic component sought after by the market.

There are hundreds of hydraulic motors independently developed by Hanjiu Technology, and there are different series and different models of hydraulic motors for consumers to choose at will. For example, BMM series, BMK series, BMP series, BMR series, BMH series, BMK series, BMV series, etc., each series has different product specifications, which can certainly meet your hydraulic system needs.

The BMK series hydraulic motor is our latest hydraulic motor. This is a high-pressure, high-torque hydraulic motor, which has been welcomed by the market as soon as it was launched. The production process of this hydraulic motor is more rigorous, the service life is longer, and it can ensure long-term smooth operation.

Our hydraulic motors are very practical and adaptable. Whether it is agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, mining equipment or construction machinery, you can find the most suitable products. Choosing the hydraulic motor of Hanjiu Technology, you can safely use it in tree stump grinder, augers, trenchers, log splitters, etc., and it will definitely bring the strongest power support to your hydraulic system.

If you just need to buy a high-speed hydraulic motor, then you can go to the official website of Hanjiu Technology to check its hydraulic motor. The BMK series has BMK2, BMK4, BMK6, BMK10 and other products for you to choose from. Such a rich product Type, are you afraid that you won’t be able to buy a suitable hydraulic motor?


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