Hydraulic motor in use should pay attention to what, how to maintain?


First, the speed and pressure can not exceed the specified value. Pressure and life are inversely proportional, that is, the greater the pressure, the longer the life, in turn, the smaller the pressure, the longer the life. Second, it is common practice to have sufficient back pressure on the return hole for low speed motors. Third, avoid suddenly starting or stopping under load. Sudden start-up or stopping of the brakes under load can cause pressure spikes, and the relief valve can not react so quickly to protect the motor from damage. Fourth, the use of lubricants with good local safety performance, the number of lubricants to apply to their own conditions. Fifth, always check the fuel tank. This is a simple but crucial preventive measure. If the leak is not found or not repaired. Then the system will lose enough hydraulic fluid soon, and vortex in the pump entrance place. Let the air inhale. Thus creating a damaging effect. Sixth, try to keep the hydraulic oil clean. Behind most of the hydraulic motor failure are hidden hydraulic oil quality decline

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