Hydraulic steering gear disassembly considerations?


Disassembly Notes

(1) should be disassembled in a clean room, before disassembling the steering gear with gasoline or diesel to clean the outside.

(2) Should disintegrate in sequence, shall not be forced to disassemble. Remove the valve plug, valve sleeve, you must first remove the check ball ball, so as not to damage the valve body.

(3) Prohibit the use of gasoline, kerosene wash steering internal and parts, available neutral soapy water cleaning. After cleaning and cleaning, not to use cotton yarn, cotton cloth and other items to wipe the steering gear and parts can be used with a clean brush carefully brushing. After cleaning, the residual cleaning solution should be evaporated and then assembled at room temperature.

(4) When assembling, apply a small amount of hydraulic oil on the surfaces of the precision coupling parts and the precision mating surfaces so that they can be loaded without force.

(5) Thrust bearing bore chamfer should be toward the valve core shoulder; limit column end chamfer should be towards the connecting shaft; valve on the check valve at the limit of the bolt should be lower than the lower end of the valve body . The spline teeth corresponding to the midline of the pinch notch slot in the upper end of the connecting shaft must mesh with the internal spline teeth corresponding to the center line of one external tooth of the rotor and make the external tooth of the rotor fully mesh with one of the internal teeth of the stator .

(6) The seals should be placed flat, without distortion. If the seal is aging, cracking phenomenon or 0.5mm deep defect on the surface, should be replaced with new products.

(7) When tightening the seven fastening bolts at the rear cover, evenly tighten them evenly 2 to 3 times. And to ensure that the tightening torque in the range of 33 ~ 39N.m, not too big or too small.

(8) After assembling, inject 50-100ml hydraulic stains into the oil holes, turn the valve spool to the left and right to check the assembly quality.

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