Hydraulic Motors for Agricultural Equipments


Hanjiu Technology produce quality hydraulic motors.

Hydraulic motors are known for their reliable high power density, modularity and economic design.

The best high torque hydraulic motors provide a long operating life, even under the most extreme conditions.

Plus, our low speed hydraulic motors are suitable for use with many types of hydraulic fluids.

These hydraulic motors feature a compact and sturdy design. Get offer high torque while operating at low speeds.

Hanjiu hydraulic motors are sturdy, compact and ideal for numerous hydraulics applications. and have been recognized as the industry leader in low speed, high torque hydraulic motor technology in the world. These high torque hydraulic motors have a high starting torque and high efficiency. Best of all, HANJIU low speed hydraulic motors are known for their long life under extreme operating conditions

HANJIU Hydraulic orbit motors are widely used on agricultural equipments.

Select hydraulic motors with a high radial and axial bearing capacity will improve the performace of agro machines .
HANJIU brand motors have been used on below equips,

Grain cart with grain auger
Conveyor belt
Cotton picker
Farm truck
Grain dryer
Haulm topper
Rice huller
Mechanical tree shaker and other orchard equipment
Reaper-binder (now mostly replaced by the swather)
Swather (more common in the Northern United States and Canada)
Wagon (and variations of gravity wagons, trailers—e.g. silage trailers, grain hopper trailers and lighter, two-wheeled carts)

Harvestor / Harvester (e.g. Bean harvester, Beet harvester, Carrot harvester, Combine (grain) harvester / Stripper, Header, Corn harvester, Forage or silage harvester, Grape harvester, Over-the-row mechanical harvester for harvesting apples, Potato harvester, Potato spinnerger which is becoming obsolete, and Sugarcane harvester. Variations of harvesters are stripper cleaners and stripper loaders)


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