Hydraulic orbital motor


The inner ring gear is fixed and connected to the housing, and the oil entering from the oil port pushes the rotor around a center point. This slow-rotating rotor drives the output through a splined shaft called a cycloid hydraulic orbital motor. In the late 50s of the 19th century, the original low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor was developed from a stator and rotor component of the oil pump, which was composed of an internal ring gear and a matching gear or rotor, which is the hydraulic swing motor, that is, the hydraulic swing cylinder.


A special hydraulic actuator that realizes rotary movement by using a double helix pair with a large spiral rising angle. It combines very high torque hydraulically in a small space and is a tightly assembled fitting. The entire rotary cylinder can produce more torque in a small space. Despite the high power, they can still be controlled precisely and easily.


Hydraulic swing motor is mainly BMR series cycloidal hydraulic motor, which is a kind of shaft distribution hydraulic motor, this series of motors use column-mounted rotary stator, with a structure that works under high pressure and can automatically compensate, so that the whole machine has high efficiency and good retention, long working life. HKS rotary cylinders have been successfully used in almost all areas where limited rotary motion and high torque are required.


The installation of the hydraulic swing motor is important, which will affect its subsequent use.


Its mounting fixed support should have sufficient rigidity, and the output shaft should be coaxial with the centerline of the connected coupling. When the oil inlet and return are steel pipes, the stress of the pipeline should be completely removed, and the pipeline should not be allowed to act on the motor. Before the installation is completed and started, the housing should be filled with clean hydraulic oil from the two oil ports, and the output shaft should be rotated, and the machine can be installed if there is no abnormality.


It should be noted that the radial load borne by the output shaft of the hydraulic swing motor should not exceed the specified value, otherwise it will work reliably and shorten its service life, and when it is put into operation for about 200h, the oil should be changed and the oil filter should be cleaned. If the motor is not faulty, please do not disassemble it easily.


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