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American White hydraulic company is a production of hydraulic motor and drive products company, is also an ISO certification of an American hydraulic motor manufacturer, its products are widely used in bulk feeding trucks, forklifts, hoists, winches, sawmills, etc., its product series are BK, CE, DR, DT, D9, FD, HB, MP, MR, RE, RS, ST, etc., Hanjiu company can provide related products.


White wheel motor is relatively common and commonly used in life, so what are its main components? Let's find out together.


White wheel motor works by achieving energy conversion through volume changes in the sealing chamber. Hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump are consistent in working principle, both by sealing the volume change of the working chamber to achieve energy conversion, in principle, in addition to the hydraulic pump of valve distribution, other forms of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor can be universal.


 The complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely the power assembly, actuator, control assembly, auxiliary component and hydraulic oil. The power element converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, which powers the entire hydraulic system. The actuator converts the pressure energy of a liquid into mechanical energy and drives a load to perform a rotating or reciprocating linear motion. The control component controls and regulates the pressure and fluid direction in the hydraulic system, and according to the different control functions, the hydraulic valve can be divided into pressure control valve, control valve and directional control valve. Pressure control valves include safety valves, pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, etc., flow control valves include butterfly valves, regulating valves, diverter valves and manifold valves, directional control valves include check valves, hydraulic control check valves, reciprocating valves, directional valves, etc. Auxiliary components include mailboxes, oil filters, coolers, heaters, accumulators, tubing and fittings, seals, quick couplings, high-pressure ball valves, hose assemblies, pressure faucets, pressure gauges, oil level gauges, oil thermometers, etc. Hydraulic oil is the working medium for energy transfer in hydraulic systems, including various mineral oils, emulsions and synthetic hydraulic oils.


As a young company, Hanjiu is obviously more dynamic and creative, and they put a lot of energy into innovation to ensure that Hanjiu's products can better meet the needs of consumers. More importantly, with the help of China's local advantages, the products produced by Hanjiu have lower cost, so the price is cheaper. Hanjiu has a lot of advanced equipment and excellent technicians, and it is also handy for the production of white wheel motor, not only the product quality is passable, but also the price is also right, which will definitely make you have a very good experience.


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