Hydraulic spare parts


Hydraulic spare parts play an important role in the hydraulic system, and they are the key to ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the system. The following is a detailed classification and introduction of hydraulic spare parts:

1. Hydraulic pump:

The hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system and is responsible for converting the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the liquid. According to the structure, hydraulic pumps mainly include gear pumps, vane pumps and axial piston pumps. Backup hydraulic pumps can be quickly replaced in the event of a main pump failure, ensuring system downtime.

2. Control valve:

A control valve is an element used in a hydraulic system to control the direction, pressure, and flow of liquids. Including all kinds of pressure valves (such as relief valves, pressure reducing valves), directional valves (such as reversing valves, check valves) and flow valves (such as speed control valves, throttle valves), etc. The standby control valve can be replaced in the event of a failure of the main valve to ensure proper operation of the system.

3. Actuator:

The actuator mainly includes a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic motor, which is used to convert the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy. Alternate actuators such as hydraulic cylinders and motors can be replaced in the event of damage to the main parts, maintaining the system's working capacity.

4. Hydraulic oil tank:

A hydraulic tank is an oil reservoir for a hydraulic system that stores hydraulic oil and cools the oil temperature. A spare tank can provide an additional supply of fluid in the event of damage to the main tank or if the oil volume is low.

5. Hydraulic filter:

Hydraulic filters are used to filter impurities and contaminants from hydraulic fluids, protecting the system from contamination. The backup filter can be replaced if the primary filter is clogged or damaged, ensuring the cleanliness of the oil.

6. Hydraulic seals:

Hydraulic seals are used to maintain sealing performance in hydraulic systems and prevent oil leakage. Spare seals can be replaced in the event of a primary seal damage, ensuring a tight system fit.

7. Hydraulic gauge:

Hydraulic gauges include pressure gauges and flow meters, etc., which are used to measure pressure and flow in hydraulic systems. The spare hydraulic gauge can be replaced in the event of damage to the main instrument, ensuring the accuracy of system monitoring.

8. Spare hydraulic oil:

Spare hydraulic oil is the fluid that can be replaced or replenished when the main tank is low or contaminated. Choosing the right hydraulic fluid is critical to the performance and longevity of your system.

9. Other auxiliary components:

Such as dampers, hydraulic oil coolers, heaters, filter blockage indicators, etc. are also important parts of the hydraulic system. These auxiliary components can be replaced when needed, ensuring the proper functioning of the system.

Hydraulic spare parts cover everything from power sources (hydraulic pumps) to control elements (control valves), actuators (cylinders, motors), storage and filtration equipment (hydraulic tanks, hydraulic filters), monitoring instruments (hydraulic gauges), as well as hydraulic oil and other auxiliary components. The presence of these spare parts ensures that the hydraulic system can be quickly restored to operation in the event of a failure or damage, reducing downtime and lost production.


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