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OMH series motor is an important series of products of HANJIU TECHNOLOGY. This series of products has high cost performance and is a widely used tool. Based on the concept of quality first production, every omh series motor produced by HANJIU TECHNOLOGY has a super high performance. quality. Can meet your many needs. When choosing a suitable motor, how should you choose the product? It is very important to choose a good producer.The OMH series cycloid hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu is a shaft-distributed hydraulic motor. This series of motors uses a column-mounted rotor and stator. It has a structure that works under high pressure and can automatically compensate, so that the whole machine has a high-efficiency maintenance. Good performance, can work for a long time without damage.

    Hanjiu's omh hydraulic motor has a variety of different models to meet your different needs. These products have the following characteristics, which I hope can provide you with reference before you buy.

This product adopts advanced rotating and stator parameter design, with low starting pressure, high efficiency, good retention and stable operation.  Both series and parallel circuits can be used. At the same time, the product adopts high-pressure shaft seal, which can bear high back pressure, and the optimized design of the linkage shaft structure can meet the requirements of low noise. In addition, the omh hydraulic motor is compact and installation is a breeze.

In addition to the basic features of the product, the omh hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu has the following advantages over similar products. It will be described in detail below.

First, the product has been phosphating and is not easy to rust. Second, imported bearings are used to ensure no leakage. Third, drains are used flexibly in practice and are highly integrated. Fourth, the bevel tooth mounting hole thread has good sealing performance. Finally, the water inlet and outlet are inclined, the structure is compact, and the operation is convenient. Hanjiu Technology is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products. It is the first factory in North China to produce and export hydraulic rail motors and steering units. Since 2010, the annual output has reached or even exceeded 500,000 PCS. We have accumulated a lot of experience in manufacturing, so you can choose our products with confidence.

 The mh hydraulic motor is suitable for use in many fields, it is light and compact, so it is easy to install in machinery such as winch,concrete pump truck, lawn mowers, lifts, loaders and excavators. At the same time, it is also used in equipment transmission machinery such as construction, mining, metallurgy, ship port, petroleum and exploration machinery. At the same time, according to the working conditions, various types of hydraulic motors may be selected. It can be widely used in injection molding machinery, shoe-making machinery, marine machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, cranes, excavators, winches and other construction machinery. If you have the needs in the above fields, you can boldly choose the mh hydraulic motor manufactured by Hanjiu Technology, and hope that we can have a pleasant cooperation.

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