OMH 500 hydraulic motor


OMH 500 hydraulic motor is light and compact, it is a hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu Company. It can be flexibly installed on a variety of devices, and therefore, it has a wide range of applications. The unique advantages make it popular, many construction companies need a lot of OMH 500 hydraulic motor, the broad market demand stimulates the nerves of producers, and they also flood into this market. With the continuous development, the technology for producing modified products has become quite mature, and OMH 500 hydraulic motor has become the basic option in the production options of most liquid motor manufacturers. On the surface, this product has no absolute advantages at present, and the market is relatively saturated, so it is difficult to find new ideas. But as the ancients said, without the accumulation of silicon, you can go thousands of miles. Although it is already a slightly simple production technology, under such a mature production system, every production component is carefully polished to make the product better than its peers. a more difficult thing. In this environment, Hanjiu Technology Co., Ltd. continues to innovate its corporate philosophy and is committed to creating excellent products.

Hanjiu Technology designs, sells and delivers customer-specific hydraulic and electronic solutions in the shortest possible lead times. Each component has safety and comfort features and is suitable for most makes and models of machinery. Engineering and supply, research, design of electro-hydraulic systems, at the same time, the company creates and supplies electro-hydraulic systems, R&D experts are dedicated and carefully researched, we use the company's expertise, research department to find solutions for industrial machinery and vehicle manufacturers , so that our electro-hydraulic system is more optimized and its performance is more prominent.

In the R&D concept of Hanjiu Technology, R&D and innovation are the lifelines of our products and must be adhered to. This philosophy is guided first and foremost by listening to customers. It is precisely because of this that when you choose Hanjiu Technology, we will provide you with convenient and convenient services like OMH 500 hydraulic motor, which guarantees your satisfaction.

You can rest assured of the products produced by Hanjiu Technology. The following are some basic features and specifications of the OMH 500 hydraulic motor produced by Hanjiu Technology. We hope to help you when purchasing.

The housing of OMH 500 hydraulic motor is made of ductile iron with sufficient strength, which is suitable for occasions with small load and intermittent operation, and is widely used in agriculture, forestry, plastic machine tools and microcomputers, such as mold height adjustment. Injection molding machines, cleaning machines, etc. Its output shaft adopts deep groove ball bearing, which can bear certain axial force and radial force. At the same time, due to the axial oil distribution structure, it is smaller in size and lighter in weight, can be installed on a variety of instruments, and is very convenient. In addition, the OMH 500 hydraulic motor has two internal check valves and no drain connection. However, this product has a cycloid group with rollers, which has low friction and high mechanical efficiency.

In terms of specifications: Hanjiu OMH orbital motors can compatible Danfoss OMH, M+S MH, Parker, etc. Displacement can be: 200cc, 250cc, 315cc, 400cc, 500cc; Torque can be: 800-1200N/m; Shaft: ¢35mm; Key: 10*8*45mm; Pilot: ¢82.55mm; Flange: 4 bolts ;Port: G1/2"; Drain port: G1/4".

In addition, this product has a wide enough range of applications that it can be used in many fields, as it is light and compact, so it is easy to install in machinery such as concrete pump truck, lawn mowers, lifts, loaders and excavators. At the same time, it is also used in equipment transmission machinery such as construction, mining, metallurgy, ship port, petroleum and exploration machinery.

Hanjiu Technology provides customers with hydraulic components of reasonable price and high quality. The product quality is fully guaranteed, our products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions in the world, including: Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Belarus, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, India , Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Mexico and other countries, the products have been greatly welcomed and praised. In short, everything created by Hanjiu Technology strictly follows the current standards. If you have related needs, you can boldly choose OMH 500 hydraulic motor manufactured by Hanjiu Technology. Hope we can have a pleasant cooperation.


In conclusion, everything created by HANJIU complies with current standards.


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