OMS250 Hydraulic Motor


OMS250 hydraulic motors is a hydraulic motor manufactured by Hanjiu Technology. Hanjiu Technology is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic products. It is the first factory in North China to produce and export hydraulic rail motors and steering units. Since 2010, The annual output reaches or even exceeds 500,000 PCS.

Our company supplies different kinds of products, we are glad to receive your enquiry, whatever it is, we will reply as soon as possible. In terms of operation, we adhere to the principle of "quality first, service first, continuous improvement, innovation to satisfy customers" for management, and our products take "zero defect, zero complaint" as the quality goal. In order to reflect our sincerity and professionalism, we provide the best quality products at reasonable prices. Let me introduce this hydraulic motor to you.

OMS hydraulic motors are widely used in agricultural machinery, fishing machinery, plastic industry, mining, construction machinery and other industries.

The OM hydraulic motor is a high torque low speed hydraulic motor with high efficiency and long life. It has the advantages of wide speed range, high starting torque, stable, compact and lightweight high-speed rotation. It can be directly connected to the working machine and adapt to various low-speed heavy-load facilities.

Our orbital hydraulic motors are 100% compatible with disc valves.

It runs smoothly in the speed range, has a high starting torque, and maintains a constant working torque in a wide speed range.

Its body adopts a sturdy and compact design, and it is very good in appearance and performance.

It achieves high return oil pressure (high pressure shaft seal) without the use of a drain line.

It has long life working conditions.

It has high radial and axial load carrying capacity and is suitable for a variety of hydraulic fluids, open-loop and closed-loop hydraulic systems.

We have 7 types of motors (MM, MP, MR, MH, MS, MT, MV), from 12cc to 500cc, 500cc to 1000cc Type 4 steering units (BZZ, 060 series, 101 series, 102 series), from 50cc To 500cc, 500cc to 1000cc Speed from 100RPM to 1000RPM, working pressure from 9MPa to 30MPa, torque from 75N*M to 3000N*M.

In addition, we can fully guarantee the product and quality you require, the cost performance is very high, the warranty is 12 months, the delivery time is generally within two weeks, and the monthly capacity is 4500pcs. We will carry out one-to-one testing for each product to ensure the quality. And from pre-sales to after-sales are at your service.Hydraulic company Hanjiu Technology has become one of the most famous hydraulic motors manufacturers in China by rapidly innovating and improving all aspects of its products and services, and has a good position in the Chinese market. Affected by the acquisition of Danfoss, it is upgrading its industrial chain and expanding its business scope. While improving technology, they also minimize profits, form a relative advantage in price and quality, and are committed to developing the most cost-effective hydraulic and other related products in the market, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of motors and striving for the best in the international market. Good performance, earned reputation and achievements, looking forward to your purchase!



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