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Towing mobile hydraulic machines is not traditionally a simple, cutting and drying movement. Whenever you drag or move a hydraulically driven machine without disconnecting the hydraulic motor, you can damage the system. When you turn the hydraulic motor and it is not energized, it basically becomes a pump. This can happen in a very short period of time, and when metal debris from the motor enters, it can cause not only the motor but also the rest of the system to fail catastrophically.


When your hydraulic equipment fails, there is no time to waste it working again. You can choose to repair, replace or rebuild. Rebuilding is different from trimming, and the parts involved in trimming failure. It is very different from buying used equipment, which is usually not refurbished or refurbished.


In order to correctly rebuild a piece of equipment, it is disassembled so that a single piece can be inspected. Evaluate component wear, damage and the impact on the overall life of the component. Replace and trim parts as needed, reassemble parts, and then conduct quality and performance testing.


When the fault needs to be disassembled and assembled, please pay attention to not hurt the joint surface during disassembly, if there is a bump, it needs to be trimmed before assembly. Wash all parts with gasoline or kerosene before assembly, it is forbidden to scrub parts with cotton yarn or rags, apply brushes or silk cloths, and never immerse rubber rings in gasoline. After the motor is installed, you need to add 50~100ml of hydraulic oil to the two oil ports before installation, rotate the output shaft, and install the machine if there is no abnormal phenomenon.


Finally, in order to ensure that the rotation direction of the motor is correct, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the rotor and the output shaft. The back cover bolts must be tightened diagonally gradually.


The ideal performance and service life of a hydraulic motor depends to a large extent on the hydraulic oil used. One of the most important performance indicators that should be considered when choosing a hydraulic oil is viscosity. The choice of viscosity should always take into account: the oil must be thin enough to facilitate flow. At the same time, however, it must be thick enough to facilitate the seal and maintain an oil film between the bearing and the sealing surface.


The hydraulic motors produced by Hanjiu Technology have excellent performance under high pressure working conditions, and are interchangeable with Danfoss, Char Lynn, M+S, Rexroth series, cylinders are also customized for customers, high quality, so that we enjoy the trust of customers and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. Hanjiu Technology's products are widely used in agricultural tractors, garden tractors, dump trucks, forklifts, combine harvesters, fishing, sweepers, water tanks, trailers, cranes, truck cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, machine tools, etc. It is a trusted brand.


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