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Hydraulic motor is one of the important actuators in the hydraulic system, like other machinery, the hydraulic motor will fail over time, and once the failure will face economic losses. If the fault is not handled correctly, the loss will be more serious, and at this time, the hydraulic motor repair is particularly important.


The content of hydraulic motor failure can be roughly divided into motor oil leakage, weak operation, large external leakage, non-rotation or crawling and running shaft failure.


The hydraulic motor repair should be checked and repaired according to the fault type of the hydraulic motor, and if there is an oil leak, you need to check the oil leakage part. If the oil leakage part is at the end of the shaft, the oil seal needs to be replaced at this time, and if the output shaft is seriously worn, the output shaft needs to be replaced at the same time. In most other cases, only the "O" ring needs to be replaced.


When the motor runs weakly, first check whether the stator and the rotor are paired too loosely, if the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system is too poor, it will accelerate the wear of the internal parts of the motor. When the needle teeth in the stator exceed a certain limit, the internal gap of the fixed body will become larger, and the normal oil sealing effect cannot be achieved, which may cause further internal leakage problems, the sound is louder than normal, and it will be weak or slow down under load, the solution is to replace the needle teeth with a slightly larger outer diameter. It can then be checked if there is a leakage problem, if the housing needs to be replaced in time or the entire re-pairing.


When the hydraulic motor leaks outside, the general situation is due to some pairing is not suitable, such as the stator body matching plane matching gap becomes larger, BMR series motor stator plane gap should be roughly controlled in the range of 0.03mm-0.04mm, when the gap exceeds 0.04mm, the leakage of the motor will increase significantly, and it will also affect the output torque of the motor.


Generally, customers will block the oil leakage port when using BMR series motors, and when the leakage pressure is greater than 1MPa, it will cause huge pressure on the oil seal and cause the oil seal to leak oil. And the gap between the output shaft and the shell is too large, the "O" ring will not fit normally when the part plane cannot fit normally, there is a large gap, etc., and the appropriate accessories can be replaced in time. There is also a situation where the fastening screw is not tightened, resulting in the part plane can not fit normally, at this time it is necessary to tighten the screw within the specified torque range.


The maintenance of hydraulic motors is not difficult, and if you want to repair quickly and reduce the emergency losses caused by failure, you need an excellent and experienced maintenance team and high-quality replaceable parts with complete specifications.


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