Start-up failure analysis of hydraulic orbit motors


Hydraulic orbit motors have very good load capacity and are widely used in the automotive industry, military industry, mining industry, oil and gas industry, agriculture and so on. Rail hydraulic motors sometimes fail to start or are difficult to start, this article will analyze the cause and find a solution.


First of all, let's look at the situation that it cannot be started, the engine of the orbital motor cannot be started and there is no flame after it is turned on, which is generally caused by the lack of fuel injection. The main reasons for this are as follows:


1. The sensor inside the motor has failed, resulting in the electronic control unit can not receive the speed signal and crankshaft position signal in time, which will make the sensor unable to control the fuel ignition, at this time the spark plug will not work, and the injector will not respond. We can check with a tool to confirm that the injector and spark plug are normal.


2. If the injector can be used normally but cannot be delivered, it can be considered that the fuel pump and control circuit are faulty. At this point we need to check the fuel pump, connect the diagnostic socket with a short wire, and then connect the ignition switch but do not start the motor, if the sound of fuel flow can be heard, then the fuel pump is normal. If no sound is heard, a tool needs to be used to detect the resistance between terminals 4 and 5 to see if the data meets the specification.


Secondly, it depends on the situation of difficult start-up, whether it is a hot start difficulty or a cold start difficulty, the way to check is the same.


1. Check whether the oil pressure of the fuel system is qualified. Insert the fuel pressure gauge into the fuel line and start the engine to test the pressure. If the pressure is too high, the pressure regulator needs to be replaced, and if the pressure is too low, the fuel pump and fuel filter can be checked.


2. Check whether the filter screen of the fuel pump is blocked and needs to be replaced, if the filter does not work normally, it will cause the fuel pump to not absorb enough fuel, which will cause the pressure of the fuel supply system to be insufficient and cannot be started.


3. The reason for the difficulty of starting may be a common fault or an air intake failure, if there is a problem with the fuel supply, you need to check the quality of the fuel, fuel pump, filter, pressure regulator and so on. If there is a problem with the intake air, you need to check whether the intake system is leaking. Whether the air filter is running smoothly.


In addition, it should be noted that it is important to choose fuel with guaranteed and reliable brands, and cannot use fuel mixed with different brands, nor can you use inferior fuel.


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