Tractor steering pump


A tractor steering pump is a device that uses hydraulic force to control the steering of a tractor. Here's how it works:

1. Hydraulic system: The Tractor Steering Pump achieves steering through a hydraulic system. The hydraulic system consists of a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic tank, and several hydraulic cylinders.

2. Hydraulic pump: The hydraulic pump pumps the hydraulic oil out of the oil tank and supplies it to the hydraulic system of the hydraulic direction at a certain pressure.

3.Tractor Steering Pump: The Tractor Steering Pump includes a hydraulic valve and hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic valve is a switch that controls the hydraulic oil to enter the hydraulic cylinder, which can control the steering according to the driver's operation signal.

4. Hydraulic cylinder: A hydraulic cylinder is a sealed container with a piston and piston rod. When the hydraulic valve is opened, the hydraulic oil enters the hydraulic cylinder, pushing the piston to one side, which turns the tractor. When the hydraulic valve is closed, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder will flow back to the hydraulic tank, and the tractor will return to its original orientation.


With the above working principle, the Tractor Steering Pump can flexibly control the steering of the tractor. The Tractor Steering Pump can steer the tractor to the appropriate angle according to the driver's instructions by simply manipulating the steering wheel. This improves the handling and operational efficiency of the tractor.


How to properly connect the Tractor steering pump

1. First of all, the steering pump has an oil inlet P, a return port T, A, B and a feedback port L.

2. Connect the oil pipe in the 5-hole direction from the oil inlet to the oil pipe from the steering pump.

Causes of Tractor steering pump heating:

1. There is no discharge control loop in the steering power system, the hydraulic oil pump is still in the high-pressure overflow type when it stops working, especially in the system with a relatively large change in large flow and efficiency regulations, it is more easy to get hot, the gas seeps into the power steering system, the gas that penetrates into the gear oil, escapes from the oil and produces bubbles when the fitness exercise reaches the high-pressure area, and the bubbles will be destroyed by the high pressure, and a large amount of heat will be emitted by violent shrinkage, resulting in an increase in oil temperature.

2. The refrigeration circulation system system works poorly or does not operate in accordance with all the normal design schemes, which will also lead to an increase in oil temperature and work under the condition of too high temperature, and the long-term load use time is long, and the refrigeration is insufficient, which will also make the temperature too high The reason for the heating of the tractor direction pump: 1. Generally, after a long time, the booster pump will lack oil, check to see if there is a lack of booster pump oil, if there is a lack of oil, add a little to it. 2. The booster pump is damaged, generally the booster pump will dry the membrane if it lacks oil, and the dry film will cause abnormal noise damage to the booster pump after a long time, so it is recommended to go to a nearby maintenance shop as soon as possible to deal with it. 3. The power pump is aging, the general life of the power pump is about 5 years, if it is not replaced for 5 years, the power pump will age and heat, and the power pump can be replaced.


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