BMR 50 Hydraulic Motors

BMSY 200 Hydraulic Motors

BMK6 200 Hydraulic Motors

BMV 630 Hydraulic Motors

101S 160 Hydraulic Steering Units

3 Spool Hydraulic Monoblock Valve 80 Liters 21 GPM

About Us

HANJIU TECHNOLOGY,is a young innovational manufacturer,was established in Shijiazhuang in 2011 by Mr.HAN,who is an engineer and has been working more than 15years on the hydraulic and automatic fields.
During 10 years,HANJIU became a market leader in China and customers are from all over the world.
Right now,HANJIU Brand is becoming one of the worldwide hydraulic brands with the widest range and depth of hydraulic products in the market.

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Own design department

Independent research and development.

Technical Support

24 hours online.

Save time

Integrity management.

Quality service

Professional and meticulous.


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